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DEEP IMAGE™: a complementary solution to 3DESIGN

Photo-realistic 3D rendering module
For your HD renderings and animations

In order to constantly improve our product offer, Type3 has worked with LUXOLOGY; and together, we are pleased to present the new DEEP IMAGE™ solution.

Offered as an option in 3DESIGN, DEEP IMAGE™ allows you to efficiently create and generate ray tracing renderings and very high-quality animations (quick time, Windows media, PNG and JPF sequences). Fully integrated into 3DESIGN, you can access this option with just one click.

DeepImage: Add-on for your renderings and animations in 3DESIGN
  • Details

    DEEP IMAGE™ allows you to:

    • use a working environment and materials specific to jewellery
    • drag and drop materials and predefine your working environment with a single movement
    • calculate your renderings automatically in just a few seconds
    • continue to work with other models in 3DESIGN during generation of the HD rendering or animation in DEEP IMAGE™
    • benefit from a customised interface adapted to 3DESIGN to facilitate your DeepImage operations.

    We are offering all 3DESIGN users the chance to try DEEP IMAGE™ for free for a limited period. Please contact your 3DESIGN specialist to activate your licence!

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DEEP IMAGE™: a complementary solution to 3DESIGN

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