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3DESIGN: 3D CAD software

3D CAD for jewellery and fashion accessories

3DESIGN is the most innovative 3D CAD software solution on the market and is aimed and jewellery creators and manufacturers, watchmakers, accessory designers or artisan jewellers. 3DESIGN allows you to design your jewellery models in 3D, present them, validate them, sell them and produce them.

3DESIGN - Rings ring - prongs
3DESIGN - Rings ring - prongs
3DESIGN - photorealistic rings ring rendering
3DESIGN - photorealistic rings ring rendering
3DESIGN – Micro setting on Watch case
3DESIGN – Micro setting on Watch case
3DESIGN, 3D CAD software solution for watch design
3DESIGN Watchmaking
3D watch design with 3DESIGN
3D watch design with 3DESIGN
3DESIGN - Baguettes on a watch
3DESIGN - Baguettes on a watch
3DESIGN - ring photorealistic 3D rendering
3DESIGN - ring photorealistic 3D rendering
3DESIGN - Rings ring - prongs
3DESIGN V9 Presentation
3DESIGN V9: Creation and finitions by hands for your baguettes and honeycombs
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  • Details

    Effective, intuitive and complete, its innovative functions and professional tools make 3DESIGN CAD the most adapted and effective solution to improve your design and production methods:

    • A historic construction tree and unique associative/parametric tecbnology on the market: easily create your pieces and ranges. Modify them at any stage, even days later, without having to restart your creation.
    • A clear and intuitive interface: it allows fast learning of 3DESIGN CAD and the production of unique pieces in less time.
    • Works on Mac and PC platforms
    • From 2D to 3D: In just a few clicks go from 2D (sketch, photo, etc) to the producton of your object in 3D
    • A library of varied objects: let your imagination run wild and create all sorts of original pieces. Bring your library to life, enrich it with your own creations. A library of Swarovski elements is also integrated.
    • A 3D visualisation and animation module: highlight and present your pieces thanks to photo rendering. 
    • Multiple file import and export options (you can create pieces in other "mechanical" CAD software and import them in 3DESIGN to use the professional jewelling functions for example). Or you can export your creation in STL or STEP/IGES (among others) for production.

    3DESIGN highlights your creativity!

    Whatever your strategy, our functions allow you to construct your models:

    • Create a sketch with the dedicated "Draft Kit" module
    • Use numerous "professional assistants" to create your ring bodies, stones, jewelling and cut-outs, honeycomb, sizing, etc
    • Use the catalogue of components and assemble them to create new pieces
    • Import your 3D files and continue modelling in 3DESIGN (or 3SHAPER)
    • Create and customise your own stone, metal, weight, plating, cost reports

    and achieve a quality creation.

  • Features

    3DESIGN offers a full range of functions for effective, precisem fast and professional creation.

    The key functions of 3DESIGN:

    INTERFACE: your creation space

    The interface

    The interface is transparent, immediate, refined, privileges the essential, improves your comfort and thus opens up a new creative horizon.

    • Quick access toolbar(QAT): Drop the 3D modelling and jewellery workshop tools into this box so they are permanently available.
    • A new tool palette management method allows you to organise your screen(s): pinned, floating, it's up to you.
    • The contextual help opens up a seperate window making it easier to read.

    Real-time rendering: You creativity simulated

    Already a pioneer in realistic rendering work, 3DESIGN take this a step further. This real-time photo realism helps you to make precise and clear decisions about the design of your piece and improves communication with your clients: the finished piece already on your screen!
    All the real-time visualisation functions can be configured and help to add value to your piece:

    • Anti aliasing: get ready for high definition!
    • Improvement of the the transparency rendering
    • Ground reflection effects
    • Visual and technical grid
    • Customisable shadows and light sources

    Parametric, benefits of this technology

    3design parametric - associative technology

    Parametric history

    Thanks to the parametric technology, easily create and explore variations to your shapes in real time and 3D. Each step is automatically recorded in the associative construction tree. Modify one or more parameters and 3DESIGN recalculates your entire model in a few seconds. Infinite retouches and changes possible when it suits you!

    Some Jewellery Functions

    Ring body

    A simple function to solve a real dilemma: closing your rings harmoniously. Start with a finger size, a curve, launch the function and that's it!

    3DESIGN wrap unwrap


    A revolution in creation! Easily wrap and unwrap a texture on any 2D or 3D shape.

    3design 4 views

    Advanced ring body

    Your new favourite tool! An essential function for constructing a ring from a profile view, front view and a view of one or more sections. Ideal for rings as well as any 3D object.

    "You and Me" creative assistant

    An incredible time saving leaving time for creation.
    You can use this function in two different ways:

    • By going to the end of the function to obtain creation straight into 3D.
    • By easily creating scanning rails over which you have full control.

    "Twist" creative assistant

    Filigree effects, twisting, woven constructions, your needs are recurrent and very varied. Using the twisting tool, it is a motif twisted on itself or the interlinking of several threads over a curve which will be created. It's easy, obvious, addictive!

    The shaping envelope

    From flower petals shaped by the wind, you can create a shape by working on its overall volume.
    You just need to create an envelope comprising more or less links which you can move to shape your object.
    New modelling ideas for an even more intuitive creation!

    3design serti rail baguettes

    Jewelling and baguettes

    Create paving with baguettes, définbe your stones according to your needs, cut a notch and achieve the result you want!

    3design pave baguettes

    Expert paving:

    And if your stones will be placed alone? Simply a "must" to achieve the best resilt possible. Try the different strategies then perform manual retouching for a unique result!

    3design honeycomb

    Multiple piercings (honeycomb)

    Achieve great jewellery results using multiple piercings. Adjust your parameters to achieve the ideal design for your stones. Manual resumption possible from Version 9.


    Brand names

    The creation of brand names has never been as easy and customisable. Define all the elements by starting with the section, size, shape, rotation and angle and finalise your piece using the different options available.

    Share your creations

    3design rendus

    3D animation and rendering studio

    Create realistic high-quality images, with textured backgrounds, reflections and light effects, watermarks, logos, etc. You can also produce your 3D animation files and your 3D HD videos. Whether it is for your website, your catalogue, a
    presentation or an email, 3DESIGN offers the solution you need.

    Complete and customisable reports

    For your archives, for communication or for your projects dictated by cost, The new report functions allow you to prepare and assemble:

    • Technical plans
    • Material cost report
    • Stone cost report
    • Crimping plan
  • Downloads

Examples of applications

3DESIGN wedding rings
3DESIGN wedding rings
3DESIGN bracelet
3DESIGN bracelet
3DESIGN - the 3D jewellers' choice
3DESIGN - the 3D jewellers' choice
3DESIGN - Certify your expertise level as well!
3DESIGN - Certify your expertise level as well!
3DESIGN - Bypass ring with prong setting
3DESIGN - Bypass ring with prong setting
Retopology or surface 3D reconstruction
3D Jewel printing
3D Jewel printing
Ring tree
Ring tree
3DESIGN wedding rings



What our clients say

3DESIGN CAD has allowed me to come closer to the perfection that every jeweller desires. Good visualisation of my design, and accuracy while working with the design. It enables me to modify my designs until achieving the satisfied result and saving a lot of valuable time.

3DESIGN provides excellent tools, all of which help me achieve great quality designs, service and support. It is so gratifying!

This technology that has lifted up a generation to a new and prosperous future. Well Done. I am so grateful that this software has come my way, to experience and heighten my prospects for success.
Roni Cohavi - Cohavi Jewellery - Australia
I have identified many assets to the software: speed, userfriendliness, powerful, intuitive modules (especially the rendering module). These capabilities are absolutely necessary for me to complete my orders.

3DESIGN is my primary work tool, I cannot make a mistake choosing it.

Many reasons pushed me towards new technologies but my objective was mainly to improve quality, creation time and to design entire ranges easily and more rapidly. And I did take the good decision.
Yolaine Romeuf - DMR Prototypage - France

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3DESIGN: 3D CAD software

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