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Customisation of 2D and 3D CADCAM software


Whatever your project, our teams can create a customised solution:
- creation of script for automatic linking-automation of the functions of your TYPEEDIT or LASERTYPE software,
- use of an optimised post-processor for your machine,
- use of your databases thanks to specific gateways,
- personalisation of a software interface in the colours (machine manufacturers or dealers) of your brand,

With extensive knowledge of our clients' markets and applications worldwide, we are able to offer effective solutions. Type3 also offers services and software developped specifically, partially or fully-personalised and personalisable, particularly for our "machine", mechanical machining or laser clients and partners. We make our know-how available to you for complete developments or adaptations for creating:

For our end clients, we also develop the following:

A long-term relationship

Providing a customised solution is committing to a long-term relationship. Solutions evolve and for this Type3 is committed to a long-term relationship. We prefer the term "partner".
A relationship of trust is based on 3 axes:  

Your satisfaction is our greatest pride.

Customisaton is job for experts