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Type 3 applications and support

Applications and support

The support software is a major asset for making the most of your solution, guaranteeing your productivity and reducing your costs. Therefore, we offer annual service contracts and performance packs.

Supported by our support service experts, you can work in complete serenity with disciplined and very experienced experts. They can share their very specific experience of TYPE3 solutions, notably acquired through client applications. This understanding of the applications' needs and constraints makes their advise even more valuable. In addition to training, they can also share their tips and tricks with you.

By taking out a service contract or an annual performance pack, you have unlimited access to technical support by phone, email or screen sharing. The performance pack offers even more services such as licence loans, lending options so you can try other TYPE3 software configurations, discounts on software options or specific developments,= and free attendance at expert days, etc.

And of course the confidentiality of your creations and files shared is guaranteed by our secure system.

Main benefits:

With the TYPE3 teams, you are never alone at your computer.

You will be able to use your TYPE3 software without spending hours online trying to find answers on non-specialist forums!

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