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Tableware and decorative arts

Tableware and decorative arts

When unique models need to be created which are original in their shape or decoration, offering collections, following trends or perpetuating classics, etc.

When you need to integrate new design and manufacturing methods ...Type3 offers various CAD or CADCAM solutions to accompany your creation and manufacturing:

  Your needs... ... their solutions

3SHAPER food mold 3D knife modelisation

Digital creation, modelling, sculpting

The designer creates their models and manipulates them at the speed of their imagination:

From a sketch, inspired by an actual object photographed or scanned in 3D or from a new 2D, bas relief or 3D file, the object takes shape. It may also be based on the libraries provided (typography, ClipArts, 3D models, etc) to give their models emotion, style and identity.

All our software solutions allow:

  • import and export of a large number of 2D and 3D file formats
  • modelling of 2D and 3D organic shapes
  • visualisation and export of exceptional photo-realistic renderings

Several solutions available to you offering sector-ideal functions for decorative arts and tableware:

  • Surface reconstruction thanks to the retopology functions of 3SHAPER
  • Creation of engravings, textures, bas reliefs, motives with TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE

Tableware collection engraving and textures Engraved silverware

Creation of collections

Art nouveau, classic, Art déco, modern, minimalist, ethnic, there are an infinite number of styles and trends. Although each object is unique, it often belongs to a coherant family or collection.

You design moulds and tools making use of textures, bas reliefs, decoration and engraving

  • Parametric history: in our solutions such as TYPE EDITLASERTYPE or 3DESIGN. This function allows the model to be recalled and changed automatically by modifying certain parameters of its construction.
  • Modelling/Sculpture with 3SHAPER,
  • Addition of text and vectorised images for your projects designed in CATIA with TYPE3-CAA

Logo personalised chef knife Decorated industrial mold

Preparing the production and optimisation

  • 2D and 3D machining simulations
  • on all types of materials:  ceramic, wood, glass, metal, textile, stucco or precious stone.
  • For any manufacturng techniques and finishes: engraving, cutting, moulding, 3D printing, stamping
  • file export and machine management

All the Type3 solutions are focused on the manufacture and optimisation of the latter:

  • Integrated and complete 2D CAD and 3D bas relief CAD
  • Variety of vectorial or 2D image files, surface files (IGES, STEP, etc)
  • An incomprable choice of creation functions for your bas relief decoration (symmetrical or asymmetrical outlines, curve scanning, fractable 3D textures fro example, etc)
  • Tool paths (CAM) specific to engraving
  • Large library of post-processors to manage your engraving machines or machining centres.

All Type3 solutions are adapted:

  • TYPE EDIT and LASER TYPE, artisitic and industrial CADCAM
  • TYPE3-CAA: decoration and text in CATIA from Dassault Systèmes
  • 3DESIGN CAD: 3D jewellery design
  • 3SHAPER: 3D modelling of versatile organic shapes

Our clients in the decorative arts and tableware sector are: