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Service bureau and fab labs

Service bureau and fab labs

Laser cutting, creation and machining of small models and 3D printing: three key applications of Fab Lab and other numerical and collaborative manufacturing methods. Rapid prototyping (2D or 3D) is at the heart of the creation process. TYPE3 participates in 'Do It Yourself' and encourages innovation and creation by offering innovative, versatile and comprehensive solutions.

Several solutions are available:
- TYPE EDIT or LASERTYPE for CADCAM, marking, cutting, engraving, mechanical or laser machines
- 3SHAPER, for full-3D modelling, sculpture and retopology (surface reconstructions); ideal for 3D printers
- TYPE3-CAA, for the creation of your engravings (texts, logos, serial numbers, legal information, etc) directly in CATIA

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Nesting laser


Provision of marking and cutting solutions for the public

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • CADCAM in 2D and 3D

At the service of the Fab Lab philosophy

TYPE3 marking and cutting solutions (TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE) are all designed to offer great versatility to your creation tools and the machining of your parts.

We offer numerous "sector" functions such as: imbrication/nesting, variables/serialisations, photo or stamp mode, creation of LED signs, 2D and 3D texture modules, creation of dials. For CAM, we offer complete menus for cutting, in 2D and 2.5D, with manual or automatic cutting modes, as well as management of cutting bridges, entry points, corners, internal/external cuts, etc


Use of a complete communicative solution

  • Which suits any type of machine,
  • For subtractive or additive manufacturing

TYPE3 equips your service bureau with

software solutions that can be perfectly integrated into your design and production process thanks to the gateways to:

  • Your CAD and CADCAM software.
  • And, of course, to your machines thanks to a library of over 400 CNC cutting, engraving and drilling or STL export machines for your 3D printers

Production of prototypes

  • Wooden models
  • Objects printed in 3D
  • Cutting of plates
  • Manufacturing of badges
  • Retopology (reconstitution of the form of an object from a 3D scan)

Discover our software for all these projects

  • 2D/3D engraving and cutting, modelling of bas reliefs with TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE
  • Addtion of texts, logos and symbols in the CATIA® software from Dassault Systèmes with TYPE3-CAA
  • Full-3D modelling of complex forms with 3SHAPER

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