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Professional engravers market

Professional engravers and plate makers

Engraving is a constantly recognised art. In relief, hollow, for unique objects or series: the techniques used are numerous and are constantly evolving.

To meet these constantly evolving demands, professional engravers need modern tools, technologies and solutions adapted and renewed. Working from a design, a sketch, a plan, a file or a simple idea, they work with various material such as metal, plastics, glass, plaster, stone, etc.

Professional engravers are both artists and technicians. Their sector and constraints correspond to both decoration and series manufacturing.

The needs of professional engravers:

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Coin detail professional engraver

free expression of messages:

  • Free creation
  • Series creation
  • Font editing
  • Use of designs, symbols and logos

Type3 solutions synonymous with creativity,

we recommend the following:

  • TYPE EDIT for the creation of your files
  • LASERTYPE for laser solutions
  • TYPE3-CAA for the integration of images, texts and logos in your modesl created with Catia V5.5 from Dassault Systèmes

3D armor engraving detail

optimisation using technical functions:

  • 2D, raised angle and 3D details
  • tool paths in up to 4 axes
  • export options for 3D printers

Discover adapted software solutions

  • TYPE EDIT for 2D, 2.5D or 3D engraving for complex surfaces
  • LASERTYPE and the set of equivalent functions for your laser works
  • TYPE3-CAA for files created in Catia V5.5

TYPE3-CAA car power button

establishment of a link with other solutions:

  • software
  • file imports

Type3 develops specific functions

notably in the following software

  • TYPE EDIT, its dedicated functions and its shortcuts for your works on mechanical machines
  • LASERTYPE, the equivalent of TYPE EDIT for your laser machines
  • TYPE3-CAA, the gateway to Type3 functions in Catia V5.5.

Our clients in this market:

Engraving professionals value their art and creations and we help them in this respect:
  • Professional engravers
  • Plate makers
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