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Decorated industrial mould

Moulds and tool makers

The manufacture of moulds and tools requires know-how and rigour.

Aside from the technical complexity and manufacturing constraints, the moulding and tool making sector is a world apart. These professionals must meet major production demands as well as small series or complex part machining demands. The design and development of metal moulds, plastic injection and tools, the maintenance and adaptation of tools from their daily routine.

Complete mastery of the manufacturing chain is the key to designing the part based on specific specifications and within deadlines.

With Type3, you will find various solutions which suit numerous design-manufacturing scenarios.

TYPE EDIT or LASERTYPE: a CAD solution (2D or 3D) for quickly creating your 2D designs (textss, vectorisation logos, series creation, 2D or 3D decoration, etc) which you can use in addition to other "mechanical" CADCAM solutions

TYPE EDIT or LASERTYPE: a CADCAM solution (various packages available, 2D, 2.5D or 3D engraving) which you can use in addition to your other mechanical CADCAM solutions or not. For your small artistic moulds for example. Or when you need to carry out precise engraving of a logo, text or decoration with a dedicated "engraving" CAM.

3SHAPER or 3DESIGN for the "full-3D" CAD and the design of your artistic models or "graphic objects" in addition to other solutions (import-export STEP, IGES, STL gateways) or because you use a 3D printer.

Your mould engraving (texts, logos, textures, bas reliefs, etc) or mould creation or artistic stamp needs:

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TYPE EDIT bottle mold

Mould engraving, decoration or personalisation:

  • Vectorisation of an image or logo
  • Eding and point retouching mode
  • Professional text creation assistants
  • Professional design tools
  • Numerous import (2D or vectorial images, 3D surfaces and solids) and export formats
  • Font editor
  • Import of surfaces, projection and windings
  • Creation of tool paths and NC codes for your machines

Creative software solutions:

  • TYPE EDIT the universal software solution for artistic and industrial CADCAM
  • LASERTYPE for laser machines
  • TYPE3-CAA for data integration (text and image) in the objects created in Catia V5.5 from Dassault Systèmes (without CAM)

3SHAPER monkey food mold

Design of artistic moulds:

  • Design mode and creation of complete points
  • Creation of 2D and 3D textures
  • Creation of bas reliefs from grey level curves or images
  • Creation of male/female tooling
  • 2D and 3D shaping tools
  • Choice of machining adapted to your models or choice of tools and creation of NC codes

Solutions dedicated to professionals:

  • TYPE EDIT for your "artistic" CADCAM needs dedicated to mechanical machining
  • LASERTYPE the equivalent of TYPE EDIT for laser machines
  • 3SHAPER for the 3D creation of organic shapes and objects

Our clients in this market:

The mould and tool makers market is a sector of thorough and creative experts and professionals. TYPE3 solutions are versatile and meet this double competence in the following sectors:
  • Tooling (electrodes, gilding, stamps, gilding embossing, etc)
  • Mould (engraving of industrial moulds or design of artistic moulds) 
  • Thermoforming (production of tools for signs or decoration) 
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