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3D sculpture software for stone

Stone engraving
Stone engraving
Funeral stone engraving
Funeral stone engraving
Stone engraving

Client needs

Today stone engraving and sculpting, as old as expertise can be, calls on the most advanced technologies. For funeral tablets, commemorative plates and decoration, today engraving often uses numerical control machines managed by powerful CADCAM software solutions.

  • The TYPE EDIT solution, available in several configuration levels (2D cutting CADCAM package, 2D and 2.5D CADCAM engraving, CADCAM engraving and bas relief creation).
  • The LASERTYPE solution is also offered for marking, text, decoration and photo applications.

The TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE artistic CADCAM solutions are ideal for cutting both small and large pieces of stone.

Able to manage several machines with various machining technologies (mechanical engraving, laser marking and water jet cutting), they include a large number of features specifically adapted to the creative aspects of stone engraving.

Solution proposed

You can also:

  • Create commemorative plaques using the professional text mode (text in columns, multizone-mulyiline text, automatic compression, etc) and create your own fonts using the font editor
  • Import photos, "clean" them using the Bitmap editor and convert them using "photo" mode to send them to your laser machine
  • Create "3D" bas reliefs with our TypeArt functions (creation of symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes, textures, grey image conversions in bas relief, etc)
  • Create machining adapted to each of your jobs: cutting, 2D engraving, 2.5D engraving (lift angles), intaglio, 3D finish, multi-tool sequence, etc
  • Create your own comprehensive patterns and perform your machining simulations.

Client benefits

Our solutions manage the creative process: from the design to the management of the machines

Funeral tablets: photo engraving Decoration on marble plates Intaglio Letters (creation of commemorative plaques)

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3D sculpture software for stone

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