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The history of Type3


Type3 is the global leader for artistic and industrial CADCAM solutions.

The solutions that the brand develops establish a link between graphic arts and industry.

Consumers want increasingly aesthetic objects, which bring to mind a brand or membership of a group or community. But they also want innovation. More than ever, objects are a way of communicating, differentiating.

The history of Type3

Type3 (formerly Vision numeric) was created in 1988. Initially intended to render partts communicative through engraving, sculpture, cutting and texture, the concept of Type3 solutions has evolved to now include modelling and design. 

The commercial brand endeavours to meet the needs and wishes of many industries such as design, jewellery, engraving, moulding, signage and many more. With the parent company located in France, Type3 has expanded its network by opening subsidiaries in various attractive regions: Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, China and USA. Our network also includes fifty dealers around the world. The future promises effective solutions and partnerships for our brand.

The present

Today, Type3 is the global leader for artistic CADCAM software. We supply various industries with design and manufacturing software for graphic objects and powerful typographic engraving. We have expanded our range of products vertically and horizontally. Our solutions satisfy all machine users whether these are users of NC, laser or rapid protyping machines (STL). Thanks to close relationships with our clients and attentive listening, we have sharpened our knowledge of needs and constraints for a vast range of industries. Our four principal solutions address the needs of jewellers, designers, engravers, signmarkers and mould makers. We offer our users a way to modernise and make their manufacuring process profitable and make their production a lot more effective, while preserving the quality and artistic dimension of their work. Type3 has developed a real network which grows bigger each year. 

Exchanges become solutions:

Our ability to quickly meet and anticipate market demands allow us to offer innovative and competitive solutionss. We work tirelessly on the products of tomorrow and it is precisely for this reason that over 50,000 Type3 software liecnces have been installed in over 30 countries. Over time, Type3 has devlopped and maintained relationships and strong links with prestigious companies to create specifoc OEM solutions (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We understand that our constant growth is proof of the trust our global clients have in us. We thank them by constantly providing innovative solutions resulting from our collaborations.

Our pride

With over 50,000 licences installed worldwide, our customer base includes many prestigious brands. At Type3, we are proud to manufacture everything we sell in France through the parent company.

Having started with a single flagship product, today Type3 develops several independent software solutions:

TYPE EDIT: for numerical control machines

LASERTYPE: for laser machines

3DESIGN: the artistic CAD 3D solution

3SHAPER: the 3D organic design solution

TYPE3-CAA: dedicated to CATIA software